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15 Types of Travelers & Best Resort in the South of Kenya

Travel has a different meaning for every traveler. It is a way to get a taste of adventure or to explore new cultures for some and it is a way to spend time with friends and family for others. Every one of us sets out on a trip with a particular travel personality.

There are many reasons to visit Mombasa or Msambweni in the south of Kenya. From luxury resorts to white sand beaches, thrilling safaris and activities, unique cultures, stunning nightlife, and much more. Mombasa and Msambweni are ideal spots for those who want to relax, go on adventures in Kenya, have a business retreat, explore new places, and stay close to nature.

adventures in Kenya

As per the 2022 Global Travel Trends Report by American Express

  • 74% of people are willing to book a trip for 2022.
  • 64% of people plan to spend more money on international travel.
  • 81% of people agree they want to travel to destinations for local culture.
  • 81% of people want the money they spend while traveling to go back to the local community.
  • 79% of people are looking forward to traveling with their families in 2022.

Looking for the best resort or hotel in Msambweni or Mombasa? Msambweni Beach House is one of the best beach hotels in Msambweni that offers one-of-a-kind experiences like no other. And the best part is that you can take Mombasa trips as well while staying here.

Which Type of Traveler Are You & Where Should You Stay in the South of Kenya?

While some of us enjoy the tourist experience, others want to discover unusual places and activities. Many of our likes and dislikes affect the kind of traveler we end up being. Here, we’ve listed 15 different types of travelers. Who or which ones are you?

1. The Luxury Travelers

diani luxury villas

For this traveler, a 5-star hotel is a minimum requirement. The pursuit of luxury is a top priority wherever they go. They enjoy doing things in style, whether it be upscale restaurants or private cabs and of course, comfort. What are Mombasa sub counties famous for? Mombasa and its sub counties are famous for their beaches, world-class beach resorts, and history.

Looking for a top-rated Msambweni hotel or resort? Rated Excellent on TripAdvisor and with thousands of 5-star reviews on Google, Msambweni Beach House in Msambweni is a multi-award-winning boutique hotel. This intimate and stylish beach resort prides itself on unmatched service and attention. These travelers will have the time of their life here.

2. The Hotel Hoppers

This type of traveler is not happy about sightseeing, shopping, or doing anything else for that matter. They are easy travelers who enjoy relaxing and taking vacations in opulent resorts or hotel rooms. They enjoy dining at restaurants with ocean views and sipping a cold beer. They enjoy swimming in the resort’s private pool or taking part in water sports.

Msambweni Beach House in Msambweni is a beach hotel near Mombasa in the south of Kenya offering ocean suites and private villas with your own private pool, private garden, and a panoramic ocean view. They offer BBQ at the beach, a romantic setting by the pool or the beach, and many other exquisite dining experiences. They offer world-class services like a travel desk, activity desk, Michelin-starred menus, and much more.

3. The Photographers

Travelers clicking photos
Travelers clicking photos

Image credit – Pexels.

These are the kind of travelers who capture the world around them in panoramic photos, traveling through time and space all year long. They travel to take photos of nature, wildlife, locals, food, and more, then post the photos on Instagram as beautiful stories.

Mombasa in the south of Kenya is on the top of their list after some of the well-known countries like Canada, Switzerland, and more. It has a fusion of local cuisines, warm local people, and wildlife safaris. Msambweni near Mombasa is a paradise for these travelers as well as they can take photos of elephants, lions, and more along with the vibrant culture of the local people.

Msambweni Beach House in Msambweni is a luxury stay where you can also take amazing photos of the stunning private beach, and Indian Ocean and even take village walking tours to meet the locals.

4. The Planners

safaris from Mombasa

These travelers travel around with a good plan and as per set schedules. They enjoy traveling anywhere as long as they have a plan in place. They can plan a trip to Mombasa and Msambweni in the south of Kenya as per set packages provided by hotels and resorts and enjoy a number of beach activities. They can take pre-planned safaris from Mombasa or book excursions and dining experiences at Msambweni as well.

Looking for one of the most beautiful places in Mombasa or the most romantic places to visit in Mombasa? Msambweni Beach House offers unique experiences like Kisite Marine Park Kenya excursions, ultimate dhow sundowner trips, and more. Or they can just book an all-inclusive package where everything is fixed and goes according to a pre-determined plan.

5. The Adventure Travelers

scuba diving in Kenya

These thrill seekers and daredevils travel far and wide in search of their next adventure with an unmatched amount of energy. They seek out excitement and enjoy trying new things that include mountain and water activities like scuba diving in Kenya, cliff-jumping, and more.

You won’t catch them lazing on the beach or exploring the nearby museum, that much is certain. Msambweni near Mombasa in the south of Kenya is the best to indulge in indoor and outdoor activities. Why are you looking for Mombasa tour companies? Msambweni Beach House offers water sports in Mombasa like snorkeling, kite surfing, scuba diving, beach volleyball, and more.

6. The Party Goers

nightclubs in Mombasa
Nightlife in Mombasa.

Image credit – Pexels.

These are travelers who favor taking vacations solely for fun and festivities. The bars and clubs are where they like to hang out. Their plans center on the best nightlife and party spots. Nightclubs in Mombasa are amazing, especially in Diani – the south coast of Mombasa with some hidden hotspots.

Apero and Tiki bar in Diani – one of the best beaches in Mombasa serves the best food and Belgium beers. The two most popular clubs are Tandoori and Manyatta. Diani Backpackers is one of the most well-liked locations for after-parties. If you prefer relaxed parties, then go to one of the bonfires. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday there are bonfires at Kongo river. And if these travelers are staying at Msambweni Beach House in Msambweni, it is the perfect escape for honeymoons, weddings, birthdays, private parties, and family events on the beach.

7. The Recharge Retreaters

massage in Mombasa

These are the kind of travelers who want to relax and get away from everyday life, either alone or with friends or family. Whether they go for a luxury spa or a yoga retreat, these travelers want to get away from it all, unwind, and indulge in some much-needed pampering.

These travelers can rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit in Mombasa and Msambweni in the south of Kenya. Msambweni Beach House is a tranquil haven that offers many massage packages for recharge retreaters. These travelers can enjoy the stunning views of the Indian Ocean while taking a massage in Mombasa on the private beach here.

8. The Explorers

The Explorers

They are travelers who like to explore new offbeat locations. Whether it’s visiting local tribes or an unusual museum, they want unique experiences that are truly one of a kind. Mombasa is full of amazing experiences for travelers who want to explore. They can visit Old Town, Fort Jesus, and Haller Park, go on wildlife or marine safari or meet the local tribes.

Staying at Msambweni Beach House in Msambweni, just 2 hours away from Mombasa in the south of Kenya is a one-of-a-kind experience in itself. Discover the untouched south coast of Kenya with a very private 3 KMS stretch of white sands, a blue oceanfront, and activities you will love.

9.The Budget Travelers

prices of hotels in Mombasa
A woman calculates the trip budget.

Image credit – Pexels.

These travelers may want to travel the world, but their budgets are limited. The preferred location is one where fun is in full swing and expenses are minimal. Budget-conscious travelers aim to save money while traveling and prices of hotels in Mombasa are higher during the peak season. Msambweni Beach House near Mombasa is worth it and provides value for money. The stunning views and services ensure that you enjoy them to the fullest on any budget.

10. The Typical Tourists

msambweni weather
Hot air balloon safari from Mombasa.

Image credit – andbeyond

The majority of people you meet are simply tourists or people who prefer to travel to popular locations during well-known holiday seasons and engage in typical tourist activities. They might take part in organized tours or solely rely on travel manuals.

July to November is the best time to visit Mombasa or Msambweni in the south of Kenya. The resorts may not have the best rates but there are always special offers at Msambweni Beach House:
Master Suites: KSH 21,479 per person per night on full board.
Private Villas: KSH 24,479 per person per night on full board.
Pay for 2 Nights & Get 1 Night FREE!
30% Off on unforgettable experiences like safaris in Mombasa and more…

When the Msambweni weather is good, it is the best time for a safari as well as the sky will be clear and there will be abundant sunshine. Want to know about nice places to visit in Mombasa? These travelers can visit tourist attractions like Diani Beach – Mombasa south coast (and Diani Beach restaurants), Mombasa Wild Waters, and much more. Looking for beach hotels in Diani or the best Mombasa villa? It’s so much better to stay in Msambweni and enjoy activities in Diani.

11. The Nature Lovers

The Nature Lovers

These types of travelers are so excited by the natural world that they spend the majority of their time in jungles and forests exploring the flora and fauna. Some of them even spend a lot of time on safaris in various landscapes.

Msambweni Beach House in Msambweni is located on the unspoiled shores of the Indian Ocean in the lap of nature. These travelers can stay at the resort or simply stop over while taking a wildlife safari.

12. The Group Travelers

wedding packages in Kenya
An African family traveling together.

These are the kind of travelers who love traveling in groups, finding new places, and taking in the sights with friends or family. They usually travel in packs, in large groups of people whose main purpose for taking a vacation is to party or tour together. The group makes the most of its holidays.

Are you planning an event or a wedding in Mombasa or traveling in groups? Msambweni Beach House in Msambweni has private villas for people traveling in groups or with family. A wedding at Msambweni Beach House is exclusive and personal and offers one of the best wedding packages in Kenya.

13. The Culture Travelers

The Culture Travelers

These travelers want to experience every wonderful culture in the world. The list of attractions goes far beyond just museums, art galleries, and historical sites. They desire to learn about and absorb the culture. To make sure they visit the locations that are most relevant to their interests, they might conduct a lot of research. For these travelers, the key to truly knowing a place’s hidden wonders is to immerse themselves in its past.

Mombasa in the south of Kenya has a long history, traces of which can be found in writings from the sixteenth century. To take in the Arab and Swahili culture, these travelers can go back in time by taking tours of Jumba La Matwana, Mombasa Tusks, and more. And if they want to go farther back in time then they can take cultural tours of villages to meet the locals in Msambweni.

14. The Business Travelers

business travelers

Image credit – Pexels.

These travelers view their journeys as a means to an end. Business travelers are quite often too occupied with their tasks to fully enjoy the places they are visiting. Mombasa in the south of Kenya is perfect for business retreats. Whether it is a meeting or an event, the luxury beach resorts in and around Mombasa provide modern conference facilities like high-speed internet. They provide unmatched services and spacious meeting rooms as well.

15. The Shoppers

They only travel to various locations in the world for one purpose: shopping. No trip is complete for shoppers—whether they are men or women—if their luggage doesn’t get much heavier on the way home. Some of this may even be for friends and family if they are kind.

Mombasa in the south of Kenya is a shopper’s paradise. If they want Kikoys and Khangas, Biashara Street in Mombasa is the best place to start from. If they are into wood items, then Akamba Wood Carvers can be their next stop. Some of them can check out Bombolulu Workshops that feature jewelry, wood carvings, and leather items. City Mall Nyali is a good choice as well.

And if they are staying at Msambweni Beach House in Msambweni near Mombasa, Diani Shopping Centre is only 30 minutes away. These travelers can also check out their Curio Shop for some traditional souvenirs.

All Types of Travelers Love Mombasa & Msambweni in the South of Kenya

Which of these 15 types of travelers best describes you? A bore who’s done everything first, or a truly great explorer. Tell us in the comments. In any case, Mombasa in the south of Kenya attracts all types of travelers. Mombasa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in East Africa because of its exquisite fusion of cultures, white powder sands, five-star luxury resorts, and more. The variety of things to do in Mombasa is the best example of how there is just as much to experience for budget travelers as there is for wealthy tourists.

It offers a distinct experience from the more well-known tourist places in Kenya like the Masai Mara or Mount Kenya. It is quieter than Nairobi and has a breathtaking coastline. In fact, many safaris in Kenya start or end here. And with its endless beaches, delicious cuisines, and exciting history, there is every reason to believe that “the island of war” is worthy of its iconic reputation.

Do you want to explore the hidden gems in and around Mombasa? Looking for hotels in Ukunda or around? Contact us for an opulent stay in Msambweni, just 30 minutes from the Ukunda Airstrip, and explore culture, wildlife, nature, spa, shopping, thrilling activities, and more in Diani, Mombasa.

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