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10 Epic Adventure Activities & Best Beach Hotel near Mombasa

Kenya is one of the top travel destinations in the world and has a lot more to offer than just amazing safaris filled with Big Five sightings, breathtaking scenery, and exquisite beach resorts. There are activities that will get your heart racing through the roof and send you home with a sense of victory that can only come from facing your own fears.

Interesting Statistics of mombasa

Interesting Statistics

1. In 2021, earnings from international arrivals in Kenya were 146.5 billion Kenyan shillings (KSh) or 1.3 billion U.S. dollars.
2. As of 2021, over 137,000 visitors from the United States arrived in Kenya, over 80,000 visitors came from Uganda, and some 74,000 were from Tanzania.
3. In 2021, travel and tourism contributed 5.4 billion U.S. dollars to Kenya’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Mombasa is the oldest and second-largest city in Kenya and the most visited for its stunning coastline, thrilling experiences, and best beach hotels. Msambweni is a small fishing town in Kwale County of Kenya and just 2 hours away from the location of Mombasa. Know more about the best beach hotel near Mombasa that offers exciting adventure activities you will love.

Why Msambweni Beach House is the best beach hotel near Mombasa?

best beach hotel near Mombasa

Looking for hotels in Kwale county? Discover a secluded and unspoiled paradise with a luxurious 3km private beach of white sand, blue ocean, and activities you shouldn’t miss. Msambweni Beach House is a beach hotel that is nothing but exquisite.

Being one of the best Kwale hotels, it offers ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experiences that are the ideal way to get a taste of the true essence of Africa. It is located only 45 minutes south of Diani and 30 minutes from the Ukunda airstrip. Take 30% off on unforgettable adventures like village walks, bike tours, sailing, Diani diving, and more along with unmatched services and opulent stays. Book by 31st November for special offers, from Master Suites at Ksh 21,479 per person per night on full board to Kenya shillings 24,479 per person per night on full board for private villas and more.

Finding hotels in Msambweni? This beach hotel has three master suites, one ocean suite, and three private villas. Each with a large balcony where guests can take in the sea breeze. There is a spacious dining and lounge area, as well as a 25-meter swimming pool to relax and unwind. The beach, where loungers are set up, is just a short stroll down the path from the main house, and there is a jetty leading down to a wonderful sundowner point.

The private Msambweni beach villas boast private pools, Jacuzzis, a beach, and beautiful gardens with stunning views of the Indian Ocean. At Msambweni Beach House, you can choose to be as active or as relaxed as you like. You can go snorkeling, take a reef walk, get a massage or take a trip to Kisite Marine Park Kenya.

beach dining

The food is exceptional and the staff is trained by a well-known Belgian chef. Aside from delicious Belgian, and French food and Michelin-starred menus, you can indulge in savory seafood and traditional Swahili dishes as well at the beach hotel. You can dine by the pool under the African sky or go for a romantic setting or a barbecue at the beach.

Find the most thrilling experiences near Ukunda Kenya at Msambweni Beach House. It’s a delightful and private experience where you can disconnect from the world and connect with nature. Unwind as you take in the stunning coastline and make it your most unforgettable adventure holiday yet with thrilling off-site and on-site activities.

10 Unforgettable Adventures at the Best Beach Hotel near Mombasa

mombasa sub counties

 Image credit – brilliant-africa

Why do people get so excited about adventure sports? Maybe because so many of these activities push us far outside of our comfort zones or simply the near-death experience makes us feel more alive. Regardless of how inspiring your motivations are it is crucial to note that adventures have many benefits. If you go biking, surfing, and more, you will:

  1. Develop better mental health
  2. Make your heart healthy
  3. Build self-confidence
  4. Have fewer fears and more…

And you’ll achieve all of this while exploring new places like Msambweni, Diani (Mombasa south coast), and other Mombasa sub counties. Here are some exciting adventures near Mombasa and what Msambweni Beach House – the best beach hotel in Msambweni has to offer.

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1. Village Walking Trails & Running

beach hotels in diani

Image credit – Shadows of Africa

If you don’t go on a walking trail, you might miss the traditional villages, fruit forests, and stunning coastal views that make Mombasa worth a visit. Walking is strongly advised if you have plenty of time because it allows you to interact with the locals in a way that is unparalleled. You can plan for a walking safari as well. Opt for guided tours with fewer dangers of wild animals. Why look for beach hotels in Diani? Such tours are offered by Msambweni Beach House – the best beach hotel in Msambweni near Mombasa.

Jogging and running are very common in Kenya, which produces some of the best long-distance runners in the world. There are many events like fun runs, marathons in Kenya 2022, and more that you can align your trip with. The Buffalo Fort Jesus Triathlon will be held in December in Mombasa.

2. Scenic Bike Tours

Bike tours by Msambweni Beach House

Walking might not be enough to see everything near Mombasa and there is no better way to explore its stunning coastal areas, winding trails, and exciting mountains. Bikes for all terrains can be rented in most urban areas in and around Mombasa. Want to know more about Mombasa tour companies? Just stay at a beach hotel that will organize it for you. As you follow your guide through the forest, along the coast, and on unpaved roads, you will discover a fun side to Msambweni, Diani, and Mombasa that most tourists miss.

Booking the Diani luxury villas? Instead stay at Msambweni Beach House, an exquisite beach hotel that offers bike tours for nature and outdoor lovers. From relaxing coastal cycling to more complex trails, like those found in Bamburi (one of the nice places to visit in Mombasa), Mombasa is perfect for biking. Besides that, since the majority of people commute on foot or by bicycle, you’ll feel right at home.

3. Sailing & Dhow Boat Adventures

diani beach restaurants
Dhow sundowner by Msambweni Beach House

The historic dhow Tusitiri was once used for trade along the epic Spice Route. But today, it is used for fun and stunning views of the Indian Ocean. The Tusitiri crew brings many water toys along for travelers who are active. Choose from kayaking, fishing, kite surfing, snorkeling, or diving.

A dedicated dhow will take you to the best location for each activity. The Tusitiri’s voyages can be customized for each client and typically begin in Lamu Town or near Mombasa. Msambweni Beach House is not just the best beach hotel but offers amazing sailing experiences such as romantic sundowners on dhow boats with sumptuous snacks (there is no need to eat at Diani beach restaurants), an epic evening with singers and dancers, and a Diani tour by boat as well.

4. Mangrove & Sandbank Excursions

Mangrove excursion by Msambweni Beach House

For a breathtaking encounter with nature, visit the mangroves and sandbanks near Mombasa. The journey through the mangroves must take place at high tide. Msambweni Beach House is situated close to a mangrove ecosystem. Their mangrove tour is for a maximum of 6 people with snacks included. Since swimming is an option on this trip, we advise you to bring your swimming gear and towels.

You can take a boat ride up to the Sandbanks near Funzi Island as well. Msambweni Beach House not only offers the best beach hotel stay but also a private VIP experience with a variety of delicacies for a barbeque lunch at the sandbanks near the island.

5. Marine Excursions

scuba diving in kenya

You can enjoy one of the best scuba diving adventures with Diani Marine, which has been offering amazing excursions for more than 30 years. Looking for more adventure activities in Diani? You can also enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience like swimming with the sharks at Diani beach. Want to travel from Diani to Mombasa? Take a trip to Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park for the best marine excursions in Mombasa. It offers unique views of dolphins as well as snorkeling and diving. Diani temperature is perfect for marine excursions all year round. You can book your adventure directly with the most luxurious beach hotel – Msambweni Beach House.

6. Fishing

Fishing trips

With its deep-water drop-offs and steady northerly currents, Mombasa’s exquisite offshore coral reef is a favorite spot for deep-sea fishing. It is home to many species of large game fish like tuna, marlin, sailfish, and shark. Shimoni, Kilifi, Watamu, and Malindi are the main locations where equipped guided excursions can be planned.

The ocean fishing season runs from August to March and Watamu ocean sports are the best in Kenya. If you are traveling to Shimoni, might as well visit the famous Shimoni cave. Msambweni Beach House organizes exciting fishing trips as well for guests near Msambweni as part of off-site activities of the beach hotel.

7. Wind Surfing & Kite Surfing

Kite surfing at Diani beach in Mombasa
Kite surfing at Diani beach in Mombasa.

Image credit – TripAdvisor

Due to the ideal weather and stunning surf spots, Mombasa has emerged as a top place for wind surfing and kite surfing enthusiasts. Whether you are an expert or a newbie, it can be a thrilling prelude to a safari from Mombasa. You can rent most of the gear and beginner classes are offered, including private coaching to get the wind in your sails. The coast enjoys excellent riding conditions from December to February. Looking for the best hotel to tame your adventure cravings? Msambweni Beach House offers the best surfing experiences near Mombasa in terms of safety.

8. Safari Tours

shimba hills national park
Shimba Hills National Park near Msambweni.

Mombasa and Msambweni are less known for safaris but are often stopover cities when planning a safari. You can go on a camel, horse riding, wild dog walking, and balloon safari to Lewa, Amboseli, and Masai Mara. And if you do not wish to travel far from Mombasa or Msambweni, take a trip to the Shimba Hills National Park.

Msambweni Beach House is the best beach hotel for a visit to Sheldrick Falls with a stop at the Shimba Hills National Park. Sable antelope, elephant shrew, bushy-tailed mongoose, and other small mammals like fruit bats and more are found in the area along with amazing birdlife. You can go trekking, game viewing, and on safaris here.

9. Skydiving

sky diving at mombasa
Skydiving in Diani.

Diani is home to the top skydiving firm in the nation. Professional skydivers who run ‘Skydive Diani’ give their customers a bird’s-eye view of the Kenyan coast from a vantage point that will show you its breathtaking beauty.

You can’t truly know what an adrenaline rush feels like until you have skydived and are hurtling toward the Earth at unbelievable speeds. This is surely one of the most thrilling adventure activities in Mombasa. So head over for a Diani skydive, get up in the air, and jump out of a plane with an experienced instructor.

10. Quad Drives & Rafting

adventures in kenya
Quad bike and buggy drive tours near Mombasa.

The best way to see Diani is with a guided quad or buggy drive. Enjoy the stunning scenery, visit the nearby villages via the dirt roads, and interact with the local people. You can indulge in all these experiences at Msambweni Beach House – the best beach hotel near Mombasa. And if you want to have an even more terrific experience and far from the main cities, go for white water rafting at Athi River or Tana River.

Plan Your Next Adventure at the Best Beach Hotel near Mombasa

When we hear about Mombasa in Kenya, images of vast savannas, herds of wildlife, the colors of the traditional tribes, and many other things come to mind. There are many tourist attractions that range from plains with wildlife to mighty mountains, and a stunning coastline. From adrenaline-fuelled adventures to safaris, Mombasa has the best things to do. Experience its wilderness and marine life, learn about its cultures, go on a safari, and engage in adventures.

Want outdoor adventures in Kenya and more without any fuss? Looking for Mombasa beach hotel contacts? Book your stay at Msambweni Beach House – the best beach hotel near Mombasa and enjoy your beach holiday with truly amazing experiences. From village walks, and bike tours to sailing, the best scuba diving in Kenya, and more, contact us directly for 30% off.

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