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5 Top Trends in Kenya Tourism & Visit Msambweni

impacts of tourism in Kenya
There is a new internet service to help climbers on Kilimanjaro keep in touch with the outside world.

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Kenya has a lot to offer to global tourists. From picture safaris through the country’s 19 national parks and animal reserves to breathtaking views of the Great Rift Valley and Mount Kilimanjaro. The Masai Mara plains, where wild animals wander freely, are a place to feel nature’s untamed energy. The native cultures of the tribes and towns identify the geographic origin of the human species.

Kenya continues to rank among the best travel destinations in the world despite economic and political unrest. The hotel industry is always improving, and this is reflected in the top trends in Kenya tourism. The impacts of tourism in Kenya are immense.

tourism in Kenya

Key Facts on Top Trends in Kenya Tourism

1. Total outbound travelers in 2030 will be 2 billion. Of which ~80% are short- and medium-haul trips to European, Asian, or North American countries.
2. 57% of travelers are first-time visitors, 61% visit for wildlife viewing, and 70% stay less than 10 days.
3. Leisure travel is by far the largest segment, mainly driven by safari, estimated to generate USD 1.0 – 1.4 B in inbound expenditure and represent 75% of leisure expenditure. The remaining 25% goes towards the beach and other leisure activities.

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5 Top Trends in Kenya Tourism that you Must Know of

Kenya is seeing a meteoric rise in global tourism. 70% of Kenya’s coastal visitors are centered around Mombasa. Want to explore the best resorts in Mombasa or nice places to visit in Mombasa? Read till the end. Kenya is a great choice for travelers looking for unique experiences because of its wealth of natural beauty and rich local culture. Here are the top trends in Kenya’s tourism.

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Tourism in Kenya’s MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, and Exhibitions) sector is a crucial part of the industry. Being one of the top trends in Kenya tourism, hotels, and resorts provide all the resources needed for local and global business events.

Many hotels now offer services for beach conferences as well as cutting-edge amenities for private business meetings. The many beaches along the Kenyan coast of the Indian Ocean are used for these special seminars. They enable travelers to conduct business while taking a holiday by fusing work and pleasure. MICE tourism in Kenya will continue to trend.

2. Sports

Some of the world’s best athletes are from Kenya so sports are one of the top trends in Kenya tourism. With its array of local and global sporting events, the Kenya Tourism Board promotes sports tourism and draws athletes. All year round, a number of marathons are held in a variety of locations like the highlands, beaches, and even the wilderness. The annual Kenya Open Golf Tournament at Muthaiga Country Club has promoted the expansion of golf travel.

The annual Safari Sevens is one of the top rugby events in the world, and it takes place in Nairobi. In Kenya, water and beach activities are also very common. Other sports such as football, cricket, polo, horse racing, volleyball, tennis, and hockey have great amenities as well. Tours that focus on sports stop at renowned training facilities like Kasarani’s Moi International Sports Centre and Eldoret’s Kipchoge Keino Stadium.

top trends in Kenya

3. Domestic

Kenya has seen an increase in the number of domestic travelers. The middle class has become a crucial market for the travel and tourism sector as a result of higher per capita earnings and increased economic stability.

The regional market is small and fragmented, with a total market of 3-4 million only. The top hotels and resorts provide services and amenities that are targeted toward locals. It is another one of the top trends in Kenya tourism.

Growth in domestic tourism is because of:

1. Growing middle-class and young employed people.
2. Increased accessibility like car ownership, and domestic airline capacity from 1.95M departure seats in 2010 to 5.18M in 2019.
3. Increase in local packaged tours.

4. Family

Adventure travelers seek thrilling encounters for their entire family as well as for themselves. Family-friendly safaris are very popular. Many tourists are choosing multi-generational vacations, especially those from the BRICS countries. It is one of the emerging top trends in Kenya tourism.

Msambweni Beach House arranges family trips and kid-friendly safaris so that everyone in the group may see the big five African safari sights: the elephant, rhino, leopard, lion, and buffalo. 30% of revenues of the top 5 KWS parks are generated in July-August and another 20% between September and October.

5. Wedding

Modern brides and grooms are searching for exotic and romantic venues to exchange vows. Couples are drawn to the diversity of options available here for a special wedding ever since Prince William proposed to Duchess Catherine famously in Kenya. Couples can choose from a beach wedding to a Masai traditional wedding. Many resorts offer useful support for managing weddings and other events. This is among the top trends in Kenya tourism.

Keep reading to know about Kenya for tourism against the global trends.

Global Trends

1. 74% of travelers plan their trips on the Internet.
2. 73% of travelers use photos from other travelers to help them make decisions.
3. 45% of travelers use their phones for everything having to do with their vacations.
4. 82% of travel bookings in 2018 were made without any human touch.

Ms. Peninah Malonza – minister for Tourism Kenya, desires to touch the lives of ordinary Kenyans by uplifting their livelihoods. She is passionate about teamwork, networking, and building strong relationships with key stakeholders in an effort to positively impact people’s lives.

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Stay in Msambweni to Explore Top Trends in Kenya Tourism

ukunda kenya

There are many cities in Kenya. Where is Msambweni in Kenya? But staying in Msambweni, a coastal town located in Kwale County in the south of Kenya allows you to explore many top trends in Kenya tourism. Msambweni weather is pleasant all year round.

Msambweni Beach House, also known as Msambweni Beach House is an opulent beach resort in Msambweni. How far is Msambweni from Mombasa? It is only 30 minutes from Ukunda Kenya Airstrip and Diani (Mombasa South Coast). Being one of the best hotels in south coast, it can be combined with your Kenyan safari. Msambweni Beach resort is the perfect escape for honeymoons, weddings, birthdays, private parties, and family time on the private 3km beach. It is located near the Msambweni beach – one of the best white sand beaches in Kenya.

private Msambweni villas

You can stay at the Main House or the 3 private Msambweni villas. The Main House features a 14-meter infinity pool shared by 4 bedrooms, all with en suite bathrooms, including 1 ocean suite. One of the top hotels in south coast Mombasa offers breathtaking views of the beach and lush grounds. As well as classic Swahili culture and opulent amenities that combine to create an oasis of pure comfort.

Here are some ways you can experience these top trends in Kenya tourism:

1. Ecotourism: Msambweni is located near many Kenya tourism sites like Shimba Hills National Reserve, a biodiverse ecosystem with a variety of wildlife and plant species. You can engage in eco-friendly activities such as guided nature walks, bird-watching, and exploring the reserve’s flora and fauna. Choose resorts that prioritize sustainable practices and support local conservation efforts.

cultural tourism in Kenya

2. Cultural Tourism: Are you traveling for cultural activities in Kenya? Cultural tourism in Kenya is on the rise! Msambweni, one of the best places in Kenya is situated in an area rich in Swahili culture. Take the chance to immerse yourself in the local traditions, visit nearby villages, and learn about the Swahili way of life. You can explore historic sites, visit local markets, try local Swahili cuisine, and engage with artists creating unique crafts.

beach resort in Kenya

3. Outdoor Activities: Unable to find adventures in Kenya? Msambweni’s coastal location provides the best outdoor activities. You can go snorkeling or scuba diving in the nearby coral reefs, enjoy boat trips along the coastline, or try your hand at deep-sea fishing. For a more adventurous experience, our beach resort in Kenya can help you explore the Kisite Marine Park for marine life.

place for wellness tourism

4. Wellness and Health Tourism: Msambweni offers a serene and relaxing setting, making it an ideal place for wellness tourism. Many hotels and resorts in the area provide wellness facilities such as spas, yoga classes, and meditation sessions. Take time to rejuvenate and unwind amidst the coastal scenery. Msambweni Beach House, one of the top Kenya beach houses offers a beach spa with a view of the Indian Ocean.

scuba diving in Kenya

5. Beach Tourism: Msambweni boasts beautiful white sand beaches and warm Indian Ocean waters. Enjoy sunbathing, swimming, and beach walks along the pristine coastline. Want to discover more activities in Diani? How about scuba diving in Kenya? Experience water sports like kiteboarding, kayaking, windsurfing, and more. Why not explore the best restaurants in Mombasa or near? You can also indulge in the beach or poolside dining with fresh seafood, Swahili dishes, and Belgium and French Cuisine prepared by trained chefs at Msambweni Beach House.

While Msambweni provides a range of experiences, it’s always a good idea to research and connect with local tourism operators or hotels to ensure you make the most of your visit.

Strategies for Top Trends in Kenya Tourism (2021-2025)

Kenya might create bespoke marketing that focuses on its uniqueness and diversity. For example, The Great Migration can be a life-changing experience. Using new channels, Kenya will market an anchor product to draw in high-end, more discerning travelers. To make Kenya a year-round destination that is diverse, authentic, and sustainable, the four coastal areas will be used to draw a variety of beach tourists. It includes beach itineraries in Mombasa, family-friendly options in Diani, and much more.

Kenya will market the many unique natural and community-based experiences as well. The wildlife parks now offer walking, riding with rangers, and rare animal tagging. Kenya will be proactive in niche experiences like Marathons. There is much more to explore in Kenya like the culture, food, people, and top trends in Kenya tourism.

Are you planning to spend your holidays in Kenya? Looking for hotels in Kwale County? Do you want to explore the top trends in Kenya tourism? Contact us for beachfront villas in Msambweni, unmatched service, and unique experiences.

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