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10 Best Mombasa South Coast & North Coast Beaches to Visit

The cities of Kenya are known for a lot of things. Mombasa is a vibrant coastal city in Kenya and is known for its stunning beaches. Offering pristine stretches of sand, turquoise waters, and amazing activities. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil retreat or an adventure-packed getaway, Mombasa South Coast and North Coast beaches are sure to captivate your senses. These beaches offer picturesque beauty, diverse marine life, and opulent resorts.

The top beaches in Mombasa, Kenya, are among the best in Africa and the entire globe. For 6 years, from 2014 to 2019, the World Travel Awards named Diani Beach in Mombasa, about 45 KMS outside the city, the greatest beach in Africa.

Diani Beach in Kenya
Diani Beach in Kenya.

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The unique aspect of Mombasa’s stunning beaches is that they each have a different charm for tourists. These include the beaches at Nyali, Diani, Watamu, Tiwi, Chale Island, and Lamu, among others. Are you looking for south coast beach hotels or the best resorts in Mombasa or Msambweni? Or villas in Diani?

Top Private & Public Beaches in Mombasa South Coast & North Coast

Are you looking for a super holiday in Mombasa or searching the globe to find a pristine beach? Pack your bags and travel to Mombasa South Coast and North Coast in Kenya to explore the top beaches listed below!

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1. Diani Beach

Diani Beach, which is located about 30 KMS from Mombasa, is the most popular Mombasa South Coast beach in Kenya. It is famous among honeymooners, families, and lovers of water sports. Some of the top beach resorts in the nation are located along the expansive stretches of beautiful white sand that make up the beach. It shares a boundary with Tiwi Beach to the north and Galu Kinondo Beach to the south.

What to do in Diani Beach? Have you tried the Diani Beach safari? Aside from enjoying water activities at Diani Beach (south coast of Mombasa), you can also visit nearby sights including Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park, Wasini Island, and the Shimba Hills National Reserve. The Diani Beach Kenya weather is always pleasant. You can also visit the Diani Beach Shopping Center. Just an hour’s drive from the shopping center in Diani is Shimoni Cave which you must visit.

Diani Beach safari

2. Msambweni Beach

The luxurious beach resort with the same name dominates Msambweni Beach. Msambweni Beach House, formerly known as Msambweni Beach House is situated on a tranquil section of Kenya’s Indian Ocean coastline between Mombasa and the border with Tanzania to the south. Looking for Msambweni Beach House accommodation?

The beach is over 3 KMS long and features soft white sand that is beautifully contrasted with the best of the Indian Ocean’s glittering blue and lush green flora. Msambweni Beach, which is making a name for itself among people in the tourism sector, offers a private haven in a natural setting.

Fishing trips with local fishermen who catch everything from snapper to tuna can be arranged from Msambweni. You can also head north to the Shimba Hills reserve to see elephants and sable antelopes which give their name to the beach in Swahili. It is one of the less popular Mombasa South Coast beaches. Want to stay at one of the best hotels in Msambweni? Click below.

Bamburi Beach in Mombasa
Bamburi Beach in Mombasa.

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3. Bamburi Beach

Searching for affordable places to visit in Mombasa? One of the best Mombasa public beaches for vacations is Bamburi Beach. This lovely beach is calm, clean, not very crowded, and great for diving excursions. It gets its name from the nearby Bamburi Beach Hotel, a famous Mombasa beach resort. Try Bamburi Beach if you’re seeking a serene beach with top-notch resorts, delectable restaurants, and local attractions.

You can go diving at Bamburi Coral Gardens, wander along the beach, and eat at the famous Char-Choma Restaurant all from this location. Also, don’t forget to stop by the Butterfly Pavilion and visit the Mombasa Go-Kart. It is one of the best places in Kenya to visit.

4. Nyali Beach

There are many tourist places in Kenya. The exquisite Nyali Beach is the first beach on this list of Mombasa’s top beaches. This beach is located along the north coast, just a short drive from the city. It is less busy, beautiful, and clean.

Nyali Beach is ideal for those searching for a beach outing away from crowds in the coastal city because it is close to Mombasa. The beach is nearby and provides chances to enjoy relaxing swimming, surfing, and strolling along the beach.

The Mombasa Marine National Park & Reserve and Nyali Beach are both close by. You can take a boat journey from the reserve to the park to go snorkeling or scuba diving in Kenya. Near Nyali Beach, there are other tourist attractions than beach activities. You can take a walking tour of Mombasa Old Town or head to Mamba Village, Kongowea Market, and Wild Waters. Are you looking for more less crowded Mombasa South Coast beaches? Keep reading.

5. Mombasa Beach

One of Kenya’s top beaches is Mombasa Beach. What is the Mombasa Beach location? The location is hidden away between Nyali Beach and Pirates Beach, not far from Mombasa’s city center. Because of its white sand, laid-back setting, and access to restaurants and shopping centers, this beach should be on your bucket list. There are dive areas nearby. Firms like Peponi Divers offer expert diving and snorkeling experiences.

At low tide, Mombasa Beach is open for swimming and long walks. The extensive expanse of sand links Mombasa’s public beaches like Pirates and Bamburi, to the north and Nyali Beach to the south. But are you unable to find the best 5-star hotel in Kenya? Read till the end.

south coast of Mombasa
Tiwi Beach is on the south coast of Mombasa.

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6. Tiwi Beach

Being the best beach in Kenya, long walks and beach camping are perfect on the long stretch of this fine, white-sand beach. In addition to going to the beach, you can look for sea urchins or study shells. During your trip to Tiwi Beach, you can explore the Kongo River and Hillpark Beach (formerly Maweni Beach), where you can see the Kongo Mosque. This section takes you past caves and coral reefs over white sands to the popular Africa Pool.

This enchanting pool, which resembles Africa, is often visible at low tide and is a well-liked swimming location on the beach. When strolling along Tiwi Beach, be sure to wear shoes to prevent getting pierced by sharp sea urchins. It is one of the best Mombasa South Coast beaches.

7. Pirates Beach

Pirates, often referred to as Jomo Kenyatta Beach, is one of Mombasa’s top public beaches. It is conveniently located from the coastal city and is liked by tourists seeking fun. Visit Pirates Beach if you’re seeking a beach where you can socialize with locals or enjoy time with loved ones. There are many local shops and restaurants near the beach.

It has many low-cost activities like swimming and beach games. Adventure seekers can also inquire at the nearby KWS office about diving excursions to Mombasa Marine Park. But the Mombasa South Coast beaches have their own charm.

Beach in Kenya
Copa Cabana Beach in Kenya.

Image credit – Wikimedia Commons

8. Copa Cabana Beach

One of Kenya’s major tourist spots is Mtwapa. Many attractions there draw tourists searching for a fun place to hang out on a budget. Copa Cabana Beach is a great spot to unwind after a night of partying. It is situated at the mouth of Mtwapa Creek in the Maweni region.

Copa Cabana, also known as Mtwapa Beach, has a beach bar and restaurant where you can relax and sip the drink of your choice. A stretch of white sand for strolling on the beach is also present during the low tide. But the Mombasa South Coast beaches are much cleaner.

Mombasa South Coast beaches
Shelly Beach in Kenya.

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9. Shelly Beach

One of the top Mombasa South Coast beaches close to Mombasa is Shelly Beach. The beach is located near Likoni and is just a short Tuk-Tuk ride from the coastal city. Despite being vacant for a long time, this stunning beach is now seeing a surge in popularity.

It has magnificent seashells there and the soft sand beaches are perfect for strolling around, finding seashells, and swimming when the tide is out. It is a good idea to combine a trip to Shelly Beach with a tour of Mombasa Old Town and some quiet time at the Mama Ngina Waterfront.

10. Galu Kinondo Beach

This beach is just south of Diani Beach and can be overlooked by tourists. However, this gorgeous white sand beach is an opportunity for adventure seekers to discover Diani’s peaceful side. Tabasamu Watersports, which arranges kayaking, kitesurfing, snorkeling, and paddle-boarding activities, is based in Galu Kindodo.

Visit the Colobus Conservation Centre while you’re visiting this beach to discover more about how the group supports the preservation and protection of primates. In the south, you can visit Kinondo Sacred Forest. It is one of the most-visited Mombasa South Coast beaches and among the top places to visit in south coast Mombasa.

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Enjoy a Private Stretch of White Sand in Msambweni (Mombasa South Coast)

Where is Msambweni in Kenya

Where is Msambweni in Kenya? For the ultimate private beach experience in Msambweni (just 30 minutes from Mombasa South Coast), Msambweni Beach House in the south of Kenya (Kwale County) offers a luxurious retreat that combines exclusivity with stunning natural beauty. Msambweni weather is pleasant all year round and it is located in Ukunda Kenya.

Kenya luxury hotel

At this Kenya luxury hotel, there is the Main House and 3 Villas. Finding swimming pools in Mombasa or Msambweni? The Main House has 3 all en-suite bedrooms and 1 Ocean Suite with a 14 M infinity pool. There are 3 opulent villas each with its own private pool and private garden with amazing sea views. Each room features AC, Satellite TV, and more. The private villas provide direct access to a private 3 KM stretch of white sand. Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of your surroundings as you enjoy the serenity of your own slice of paradise.

romantic restaurants in Mombasa

Why find romantic restaurants in Mombasa or Msambweni? Dining at this Msambweni hotel is a culinary experience like no other. The exquisite flavors, fresh ingredients, and personalized service are designed to tantalize your taste buds. Try seafood, Swahili dishes, Belgium, and French cuisine prepared by a Belgian celebrity chef and trained kitchen staff. Dine under the stars by the beach or the pool with your loved ones for a BBQ, breakfast, and more.

Kenya beach houses in Msambweni

Being one of the top Kenya beach houses in Msambweni, there is a wide range of activities to suit every interest and create an unforgettable experience. Explore the vibrant underwater world through snorkeling and scuba diving. For those seeking adventure, deep-sea fishing is the best to catch game fish. Take long walks on the beach along the pristine shoreline. Immerse yourself in the local culture through visits to nearby villages, or embark on boat trips to Diani.

Pamper yourself with spa treatments on the beach, go on a wildlife safari to Shimba Hills National Reserve, or enjoy boat trips to Wasini Island for snorkeling. End your day with a romantic sunset dhow cruise. You can explore Sandbank & Mangrove, whale shark, and Kisite Marine Park excursions.

Get your Dose of Vitamin D in Mombasa South Coast

private beach in Mombasa

Msambweni is the perfect destination to soak up the sun and get your much-needed dose of Vitamin D. With its sun-drenched beach, tropical climate, and azure waters, this coastal paradise offers an ideal setting for sun-seekers and beach lovers. Whether you prefer lounging on the soft sand, taking a refreshing dip in the Indian Ocean, or engaging in water sports, Mombasa South Coast has it all.

Are you looking for a private beach in Mombasa? Do you want to stay at beach hotels in Mombasa Kenya? Unable to find the best hotels in south coast Mombasa? Contact us for private Msambweni villas, amazing dining options, and activities in Diani.

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